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I. Receiving your master files

Orders are exectued within 2 to 3 business days after reception of the payment for the total amount of the order, and are delivered as a download link through our client ticket system (accessible from your account), as well as to the email address used to create your account. We cannot merge orders placed separately. Your master files will be sent at your own risk to the email address you have provided, but the maximum care is taken to assure their security on our sides.

Please note we do not offer storage nor archive services for your submitted audio files and master files. We only keep these files for 2 weeks after the download to be active. You understand this is your responsability to download and store your audio files and master files on your drive(s) and/or device(s), and we will proceed to files deletion 15 days after delivering your download link.

For privacy and security purposes, emails, invoices, notifications, and master files will only be sent to the email address you have provided during your account creation.

II. Turnaround-time ( within 2-3 business days )

We make our best to offer and maintain the best turnaround time we can. Howhever, it usually takes 2-3 business days to receive your master files when ordering your mastering on-line.

III. Express service ( within 1-2 business day(s) )

If you need a faster turnaround, we offer an express service for all mastering services online. You will receive you master files within 1-2 business day(s). An extra costs of 50.00 Euros, including taxes,  will be applied for the service. If you have purchased more than one mastering online, these costs applied for each service.

IV. Notes

All of the above applied to all orders on our website, for both ground and international orders. If client requests revision, revision(s) will be executed within 5 days after receiving the client notice through the message board, available in customer account, or through our contact form on the contact page, or by email at contact@colorsoundstudio.fr. All requests must linked to an order ID or must be send with the accurate reference within the body of the message. We highly recommend you to send all your request using our chat system in your account, or by replying one of our chat message in the mailbox or your email address.

Applicable taxes : All our prices includes VAT for European customers, at the exception of companies which have provided their international VAT number. Customers from outside Europe will be exempted of VAT taxes.

International orders : We quickly remind that we are on CET Time ( GMT/GMT+1, Paris Time ).



The client has read and understood the terms and conditions of sale, preferably before the order has been placed.


1. Guarantee Of Results

Color Sound Studio cannot guarantee the results of your mix/master if the tracks have been recorded by amateur engineers.


2. Finalizing Order(s)

Once you have clicked on the "Place Order" button after the ordering process, you have fully agreed to accept all of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale.  The information given on colorsoundstudio.com and colorsound-emastering.com constitute the proof of all past transactions by colorsound-emastering.com and its clients.


3. Refusal Of Order

We reserve the right to refuse your order in the case that your files do not to conform to certain technical restraints (saturation, recording errors, glitches, etc.).  In this case, a technician will contact you by email or telephone to explain the reasons of refusal, and a full reimbursement will be made, with the least possible delay, via our on-line payment system.


4. Rates

All sale prices indicated on the website are in Euros and all taxes are included.  Delivery rates depend on the choice of products, and will be added to the price of the products selected at the finalization of the order.  All prices appear in Euros.  We reserve the right to modify our prices at any time.


5. Payment

Payments are made exclusively through Paypal Gateway.  Upon reception of payment, the client will be informed by email and the order will be completed within 2 to 3 business days for e-mastering service, up to one business wekk for mixing service.


6. Revision

If you are not satisfied with the first delivery of the mastering/masterings, and an error on the part of the sound engineer has been established, you can exercise your right for the mastering/masterings to be reviewed once and the error corrected.

ColorSound will revise all errors within 5 days from the reception of your reclamation.




The engagement between  SARL O P M and the client, noted by the present general conditions, is subject to French law, to the exclusion of all other state laws. In the case of redaction of the present general conditions in different languages, only the French version will be credible.


For further information, we are available by phone at office hours ( MON-SAT 9:00AM - 8:00PM Paris Time ) at +33 (0)9 67 03 68 17